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Sponsors hold a special place in our hearts and play a vital role in our projects. Sponsors can be individuals, companies, or organizations who wish to contribute in one of the following ways:


Monetary Support: Sponsoring an amount above 500 euros (starting from 500 euros) allows you to make a significant impact on our initiatives. Your generous contribution will directly fuel our progress.


Goal-Specific Sponsorship: If you have a particular interest in a specific project from our list (such as the cashew juice machine), you can choose to sponsor that specific goal. By doing so, you contribute directly to that specific project’s success.


Material or Service Sponsorship: Sponsorship doesn’t always have to involve money. If you have materials or services that can benefit our cause, such as solar panels, drip irrigation systems, or print services for flyers, stickers, and banners, we gladly welcome your support.

As a token of our appreciation, sponsors will be prominently recognized on the sponsors list featured on our website.

We are immensely grateful for every contribution, whether it’s through donations or sponsorship. Your support, in any form, fuels our progress and brings us closer to achieving our goals in sustainable agriculture.

Become a sponsor

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If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us through the form.