Blue Planet Paradise

The coöperation “Blue planet paradise” will be set up to create sustainable agroprojects in Casamance, to start with the region of Sédhiou.

The collected money from “Footsteps Paris Dakar” will fund the cooperation following this
distribution key: 


1/4 th of the necessary capital to start the production of rice and fonio and to set up vegetable
gardens and social community projects will be donated,


3/4 th will be provided by loans to
invest in fixed assets such as a business unit, a tractor and machinery.

A realistic business plan will be created with the help of universities and the area departments
of forestation and agriculture.

Moreover, Blue planet paradise will specialize in coaching and training key persons of the
projects, because this is needed to create a succesful rural community.




The goal is to make the rural community of the 7 villages self sufficient for this
basic food:

Plain Casamance rice is far more nutritious than the white imported Asian rice from inferior quality. The actual production of rice in the region covers only 40 % of its needs because local farmers lack equipment to produce on a larger scale. (tractors and other machineries)

Next to rice, fonio provides a basic affordable food for many poor families. But since the highly nutritious value of this ancient grain, Blueplanetparadise would like to stimulate the production and sensibilize people to consume more.


Creation of vegetable garden in each village:

A selection of vegetables will be made in consultation with the farmers and more research will be set up with local universities regarding marketing possibilities. Each garden will be provided with sufficient water wells, solar panels (to pump the water and to provide the drip irrigation system)


Support to existing activity of Aida Mandiang:

She is leading a group of 25 employed woman that are transforming several agricultural and sanitary products (such as soap from baobab, moringa and palm oil).


Creation of one big chicken farm for these villages:

One of the affordable sources of proteines are chicken. Unfortunately in the region of Sédhiou there is a lack of chickenmeat. A pilot chicken farm has been set up in Abène (next to Kafountine) to create a realistic business plan for this bigger farm.


Creation of production unit for honey

20 Beehives have been spread over the Savanna in the region of Sédhiou so far.
Many more will be financed through footsteps Paris Dakar.

Bees have a major role in the protection of biodiversity in the Savanna. The wild
honey is highly nutritious and very healthy.


Creation of transformation unit for cashew (this can be incorporated in the coöperation):

In the south of Casamance there is an abundance of cashew trees. Unfortunately the cashews are all gathered at the port of Ziguinchor to be shipped to Asia, mainly India, to be transformed there. This means the local people of Casmance get only a small part of the profit in this booming business. If the transformation to dried cashews can be done in Casamance, the supply chain will shorten and the prices for farmers can be raised.

More over: the majority of the very sweet, juicy apples are thrown during the harvest. Only a small quantity is used to make a local alcoholic drink of it. But with the right machine, the aplles can be transformed in a very delicate and delicious juice. This could be an excellent new export product. The machine costs 100.000 euro! This machine can increase the income of many households in the region!

The described projects will be developed in the order of appearance on this list It would be absolutely wonderful to collect enough money to finance the entire list. Sponsors can choose to focus on one item of the projects. For instance, if your business has a link with one of the subjects, the order of realisation can change according your wish to sponsor a particular part of the list.