Welcome to the Footsteps Project!

I’m Marleen Vermeiren, and I’m embarking on an incredible journey from Paris to Dakar, all to raise money for a cause close to my heart. Alongside my amazing support group, we’ve formed the “Footsteps Paris Dakar” unincorporated association. Our mission? To collect a significant amount of funds for an exciting initiative called “Blue Planet Paradise” in the breathtaking region of Sédhiou, Senegal’s Casamance region.

My adventure begins on August 6th, right after our lively festival, “Footsteps Paris Dakar,” taking place on August 5th (check out the Events section for more info!). I’m aiming to reach Dakar on Christmas Eve, after covering an impressive distance of approximately 2,880 kilometers—that’s a whopping 3,745,000 footsteps!

Now here’s where you come in. For just 5 euros, you can sponsor 50 footsteps and play a crucial role in supporting our cause (details can be found under the Sponsoring Footsteps tab).

Let’s walk hand in hand as we strive to make a difference. Together, we can create a thriving future for the Sédhiou region—one that’s sustainable, harmonious, and filled with promise.

Join us on this remarkable journey and be part of the Footsteps Project. Every step counts!

Warm regards,

Marleen Vermeiren


About me

I’m Marleen Vermeiren, a geography master with a deep fascination for the African continent. Inspired by my childhood hero, Kunta Kinte, I’ve always dreamt of making a difference in people’s lives. After a transformative trip to Senegal and the Gambia, I was encouraged to create my own projects in Casamance. With a passion for sustainable agriculture, I’ve spent 16 years developing a clear vision for the projects I aim to realize. Now, it’s my destiny to transition from my current job to consultancy work in Casamance and to create sustainable agriculture. Join me on this journey as we turn dreams into reality and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

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