What we Do

About Me

I am Marleen Vermeiren, master in geography, 57 years old and proud mother of 3 young adults Laura, Arnout and Vincent. Currently I am teaching geography and sciences.

Since my childhood I was fascinated by the African continent and I was determined to travel there to “help people”. I thank my parents to allow me to stay up1 hour longer to watch “Roots” on television about the life of Kunta Kinte He was my hero at the age of 9.

I don’t think it was a coincidence I met Yannick Arlabosse during the time I lived in Switzerland with my family. In 2006 Yannick took me to Senegal and the Gambia in one of her many humanitarian missions to that region. Floating in a canoe on the Gambia river starting from the slave house in Georgetown, I felt very connected with my former Gambian

Since that trip I was encouraged to create my own projects and I started visiting Casamance regularly. I set up several sustainable activities and I built a house in Kafountine to escape the hectic life in Belgium so now and then. From my terrace, overlooking the beautiful garden full of tropical plants and fruits, I connect with my soul to establish my goal…


Recently I turned back to my house, after a break of 3 years due to Covid. The house has been renovated, new plans are forging.

So finally, after 16 years of experience, I developed a clear vision on the sustainable agriculture projects I would love to realize. If truly believe it’s my destiny to swap my actual
job for consultancy in Casamance! Read more in Me and My vision.


My Vision

With the cooperation “Blue planet Paradise” we will create blue economy. The key elements of blue economy are sustainability by creating local economy following the
principals of circular economy. “Create more with less” fed my own vision. Together with local actors, the cooperation will create sustainable agrobusiness in the natural setting
of Casamance, where savanna forest is still the most extended vegetation.

To further preserve this paradise, best practices of blue economy are essential:


Solar energy will be used to pump water to feed irrigation systems in the vegetable gardens and to
supply energy for the operational units.


Organic waste will be recycled. In the cashew unit cashew
apples will be used to produce juice instead of wasted. In the villages seeds of baobabs will be collected to produce oil, the oil will be used to create soaps.


Fresh water use will be reduced by installing drip irrigation. In transformation processes water will be recycled in several production


The supply chain will be shortened where possible. For instance: some of the achieved products (honey, cashew juice, fonio, soaps, …) could be sold directly to regional supermarkets in Casamance and in the entire country.

We will do this through cooperation with local key players: agricultural entities, universities and governmental institutes

With these activities (see “projects” to read more details) Blue Planet Paradise aims to improve the life quality of farmer families in the region of Sédhiou. By extending the harvest, organising logistics to bring the products fresh and transformed on the markets locally and regional, we help to increase income-security.

A part of the assets of “Blue planet paradise” will be invested in research, trainings and microfinancing. These initiatives will help to professionalize local farmers and will create
opportunities for them and others to extend their businesses.